Davies, William John (Chopper). Haulage engine underground, drawing.

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Davies, William John (Chopper) (William John ‘Chopper’ Davies was born in Nantyglo in 1922. He left school at 14 to work in Beynon’s Colliery. He was working in Six Bells Colliery in 1960 when an explosion killed 45 men. He would have been among the dead but had worked overtime the night before and had taken the day off. He produced many works based on his experiences as a mineworker. In his auto biography ‘Blue Scars’, Chopper wrote ‘I am not a Lowry or a Picasso but I put the same passion into my paintings as they do …’ He died in 2006.)


Crayon/pastel on paper drawing of a haulage engine underground at Six Bells Colliery. This was the job that Chopper was doing and therefore is his view during his working shift. The engine appears to be bringing in a journey of drams through a 'double parting' (i.e. a place where journeys of drams could pass another one). Signed 'Chopper' bottom right. Undated.

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